Meeting Place

Also available on iTunes or by contacting us directly.

  1. Voyage: Major George Morrison, DSO / The Acadian Reel / Le Voyage / Jack Daniels’
  2. Eavesdropper: Bill Harte’s / The Eavesdropper / The Black Rogue
  3. Waltz & Reels: Jewels of the Ocean / The Humours of Tulla / Last Summer’s Reel
  4. The Dirty Bee: La Grondeuse/Mutt’s Favourite/Break Yer Bass Drone/The Dirty Bee
  5. They Took My Wife from Me Last Night
  6. Slides & Polkas: Cuz Teehan’s #1 / Cuz Teehan’s #2 / Mairtin O’Connor’s / The Ballydesmond / Jessica’s Polka
  7. The Sound of Sleat: Wee Michael’s March / Lord MacDonald’s / The Sound of Sleat
  8.  Strathspeys & Reels: Lennox’s Love to Blantyre / Captain Campbell / The Iron Man / Elizabeth’s Big Coat / The Bird’s Nest
  9. Jean-Paul Jigs: Le Tourment / Korolenko
  10. The Braes: Dr. MacInnes’ Fancy / The Braes of Mellinish / The Famous Baravan / The Hag at the Churn / Up Leitrim
  11. Dusty Miller: O’Neill’s March / The Dusty Miller

Arise & Go – EP

Also available on iTunes.

  1. Sheepskin and Beeswax / Le Voyageur / Roddy McDonald’s Fancy
  2. Kitty Lie Over / My Former Wife / Winnie Hayes’
  3. Danse Du Sauvage / Reel Du Pendu
  4. The Eagle’s Whistle / Tamarack ‘er Down / The Four Courts / Jenny Dang the Weaver


Official band t-shirts with original artwork by Laura Roddy. Available in women’s gray and unisex green and navy, these shirts feature fiddle, pipes, and guitar on the front, and the A&G logo on the back.


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